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Casada Ecosonic Massage Chair with Braintronics™

Casada Ecosonic Massage Chair with Braintronics™

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The 3D massage built into the Ecosonic enables you to relax at the highest level. The complex and highly developed massage system gives you the feeling of a real hand massage. Feel the depth and efficiency of the massage in the Ecosonic .

To ensure total relaxation for your arms and legs, the Casada EcoSonic massage chair has twelve airbags with adjustable air intensity. You have the option to choose between a leg rest or compression massage with a 180° rotation of the foot. You can adjust the air intensity on two levels.


Experience the intelligent 3D massage technology of the Casada EcoSonic massage chair while enjoying the feel of real human massage.
Choose from 8 specially designed automatic programs that pamper you from head to toe. Thanks to EcoSonics' switchable thermal spa function in the footrest, your legs are also relaxed with carbon heat that promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle tension. The infrared radiation optimally distributes the heat and counteracts circulatory disorders and muscle tension. 


With the modern Zero-Gravity (Zero-G) position of the EcoSonic massage chair you will feel almost like weightless. This is a neutral posture developed by NASA. In this position of weightlessness are the heart, legs and back on one line, which allows for optimal weight distribution. Thus, body groups are solicited during massage and your body can immediately relax and effectively relieve stress.


With Braintronics ® technology compatibility, EcoSonic puts you in a soothing state of relaxation. Connect the massage chair via Bluetooth to the Braintronics ® II app on your smartphone and let the audio stimulation act on the brain waves in combination with a specially designed massage program. The EcoSonic is convenient to use via voice control and has another attractive feature for deep relaxation: stereo speaker to enjoy your favorite music during a soothing massage.

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ROLLING- Pleasant alternation between relaxation and releasing of the muscles – Perfectly suited for a the end of your massage promoting relaxation and recovery of the muscles.

KNEADING- Skin and muscles are either clasped and kneaded between the thumb and the index finger or with both hands. This massage technique is used in particular to ease tension.

AIR COMPRESSION- Rising and receding airbags have a pumping motion which produces natural muscle reflexes. This is particularly beneficial in the calf and foot area.

KNEAD & TAP (DUAL ACTION)- The techniques of kneading and tapping are combined in order to relieve tension and stimulate blood circulation at the same time.

TAPPING- Short, tapping movements are performed with the edge of the hand, the palm or the fist. This promotes blood circulation in the skin and softens tense muscles. If tapping is performed at lung height, this can improve the release of mucus in the lung.

L-SHAPE- You can expect a profound full body massage from the neck down to the buttocks.

S-LINE- With this automatic program the massage heads are working very close to your body, they massage the whole back down to your buttocks. The S-shaped mechanic is constructed based on the natural anatomy of the spine.

ZERO SPACE- For the lying-position the massage chair moves forward and therefore requires very little distance to the wall behind. Space saving and comfortable!

ZERO GRAVITY- You put yourself in the position of an astronaut – that “weightless feeling”.

AUTOMATIC- 9 specifically developed automatic programmes for the whole body, which offer a big range of different massage techniques. Additionally you can also turn on the heating function, if you‘d like.

BACK AREA- Customise your massage to any size massage area.

ADJUSTABLE PILLOW- If necessary, the double cushion can be placed to reduce the neck and shoulder massage intensity.

BRAINTRONICS.- Braintronics. technology synchronises your brainwaves through audio stimulation. Combined with a specially developed massage programme your stress-ridden body will be able to relax.
No matter whether you’d like to relax, dream or learn – anything’s possible.

AIR INTENSITY- Adjustable airbag massage intensity.

3D MASSAGE- In this new technique, the massage robot not only moves upwards and downwards, but also forwards and backwards.

SHIATSU- Shiatsu (finger press) is a form of body therapy originating in Japan. The massage technique consists of soft, rhythmic, far-reaching stretches and rotations. The aim of Shiatsu is to simulate individual parts of the body and to mobilise the muscles.

SPOT- The massage heads can massage a particular spot.

SPEED- Massage speed is adjustable.

WIDTH- The distance between the both massage heads can be set (narrow, medium and wide).

MUSIC- Further relaxation and fun with the music function.

BLUETOOTH- Wireless data transmission.

HUMAN HANDS FEELING- Specially designed massage heads imitate the hand motion of a professional masseur. The maximum stretch space is 6.5 cm, and the maximum stretch angle is 41 degrees, so the mechanical hands can do effective massage to human cervical vertebra thoracic vertebra and lumbar vertebra.

QUICK START- With one touch the quick start buttons in your armrest allow you to control the most important functions.

VOICE CONTROL- Use the voice control to activate selected functions.

CARBON LEG HEAT- The deep-acting carbon infrared heat is ideal for those who suffer from circulatory disorders or muscle tension. The heat dilates blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation. At the same time, muscle tone is relaxed, resulting in deep relaxation.

OPTIONAL ROTATION OF THE FOOT ELEMENT- The option to rotate it by 180 allows you to choose between leg rest or compression massage. Compression massage can have several benefits, including improved circulation, pain relief and stimulation of the lymphatic system.






Dimension Upstanding

104 x 70 x 99.5 cm

Dimension Lying

135 x 70 x 80 cm


59 kg

Rate Power

65 W

Run Time

20 Minutes


21 Minutes


All Casada Wellness chairs come with a standard 3 year warranty. Extended warranty available, ask us today.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sarah Futter (Auckland, NZ)
Perfect massage chair

We saw Barry at the home show in February and he showed us how to use the massage chairs. I was sceptical as I’ve never really liked massages before but after showing us how to change the settings we enjoyed it so much we bought one. Hubby and I have been having massages every day since. Highly recommend, great service start to finish. .

Anne P (Adelaide, AU)
Great massage chair.

If you looking for a more compact chair, that still offers a complete massage, then this is the one to buy. Very happy with the function of the chair, and the look and fit.

Sj and AK (ashlynne) Pointon (Adelaide, AU)
Improved sleep

Nightly massage has greatly improved my sleep