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Casada Reflex Disc

Casada Reflex Disc

The Casada Reflex Disc is here! The Reflex Disc is a massage device that targets your foot reflex zones.


  • Dome shaped for infinite massage positions 
  • Specially positioned massage nubs that target foot reflex zones
  • Integrated magnetic field
  • Portable - No power needed 
  • Use sitting or standing


  • Release muscle tension
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Stimulus for digestive issues
  • Stress relieving properties 

Reflexology is known for its affects on the entire body, simply by massaging and stimulating the feet.

The Reflex Disc allows you to easily massage your feet in the comfort of your home, with no extra help needed! It works without electricity and all you need to do is place it on the floor and step on the surface to feel its benefits. 

In addition to the disc's specially positioned massage knobs, the massage disc has integrated magnetic fields, which generate alternating magnetic fields and thus promote blood circulation and cell metabolism in your body. 
Achieve a big effect with little effort - this is how the Reflex Disc works to permanently increase your well-being with regular use.

How to Use:

Depending on the positioning of the feet, the way the Reflex Disc works can change. If you stand with the soles of your feet on the nubs of the massage disc, the blood circulation is particularly improved, while standing concentratedly on your heels benefits improved digestion. 

However, if you step on the window with your toes and maintain this position for about five minutes, stress can be reduced better and unpleasant symptoms in the shoulder and head area can be reduced.

For pleasant relaxation, you can also use the Reflex Disc while sitting by lightly pressing the soles of your feet onto the surface while sitting. 

It also promotes blood circulation and digestion. It's light weight and power-free use make the Reflex Disc an environmentally friendly tool for stressful or sedentary days, even when you're on the move.



Without electricity

33.5cm diameter

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